Water: Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Pipelines, Recharge Basins, Dams, Reservoirs, Flood Control


      SFPUC Bay Division Pipeline No. 5, Alameda and San Mateo Counties, California

      SFPUC Tesla Treatment Facility, San Joaquin County, California.

      SFPUC Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant, Long Term Improvements Project, San Mateo County, California

      SFPUC Crystal Springs / San Andreas Transmission System Upgrade Project, San Mateo County, California.

      SFDPW North University Mound Water System Upgrade, San Francisco, California

      SFDPW Phelps Street Sewer Replacement, San Francisco, California

      SFDPW Mission – Mt. Vernon Sewer System Improvements, San Francisco, California

      SFDPW Ulloa Street Sewer Project, San Francisco, California

      SFDPW Griffith Pump Station Chemical Tanks, San Francisco, California

      SFPUC Summit Pump Station, San Francisco, California

      City of Hayward SFPUC-COH-EBMUD Intertie Project, Hayward, California

      CCWD Contra Costa Water District, Taylor Boulevard Intertie Pipeline Project, Pleasant Hill, California

      City of Alameda Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project, Alameda, California

      City of Oakland Clay Street Sewer Replacement Project, Oakland, California

      Monterey County Regional Urban Recycled Water Distribution Project, Monterey County, California

      City of Newport Ranch Section 5 Sewage Pump Station, Newport Beach, California

      Orange County W.D. San Joaquin Marsh Enhancement, Orange County, California

      City of Daly City Water Systems Planning - Bayshore Area, Daly City, California

      SFPUC Priest Reservoir Bypass, Moccasin, California,          

      SFPUC Sutro, Summit, and Stanford Reservoirs, San Francisco, California

      SFPUC Central Pump Station, San Francisco, California

      SFPUC Pulgas Reservoir, San Mateo, California

      SFPUC Clarendon Pump Station, San Francisco, California

      SFPUC New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel, San Mateo, California

      SFPUC Tesla Portal Design Build, San Joaquin County, California

      Stockton RWCF, Stockton, California

      EBMUD South Interceptor Relocation, Oakland, California

      EBMUD North Interceptor Wet Weather Facilities, Berkeley, California       

      EBMUD Pump Station C Storage Basin, Alameda, California

      Transmission Pump Station, San Jose, California

      Montecito Water Treatment Plant, Montecito, California

      Petaluma River Flood Control Project, Petaluma, California

      San Pedro Creek Flood Control Project, Pacifica, California

      Pebble Beach Emergency Water Supply, Pebble Beach, California

      Humboldt Bay Disposal Site, Eureka, California

      Lake Canyon Debris Dam, Ventura County, California

      Upland Disposal Site, Crescent City, California

      UWCD Noble Basin and Saticoy Spreading Grounds, Ventura County, California

      SFPUC Pulgas Reservior, San Mateo County, California

      SFPUC Potrero Heights Reservoir, San Francisco, California

      Lucky Drive Levee Project, Phase II EIR, Marin County, California

      Orange County Flood Control District East Garden Grove - Wintersburg Channel, Huntington Beach, California

      Lytle Creek Levee, San Bernardino County, California

      Orange County Flood Control District Peters Canyon Wash, Orange County, California

      Army Corps. Of Engineers Ball Mountain Dam, Jamaica, Vermont